The sad story of a newborn puppy without a mother has just begun, but it has been so painful in life


Meet Little Perry. He got a cleft lip, cracked taste buds as if something were happening to his right eye.

It weakened, as it began to open in just a few days. It does not look like a full globe with a lid on it. Perry was rescued by a container crew when she was born without a mother.

Day 1. We dropped Perry off at work at the hospital before we left for a few hours. He has had minor improvements throughout the night but is still as weak as neurological.

He is still IV with tube feeding. Wishing a miracle for this young boy.

he is such a wonderful child. He had a difficult night with diarrhea. We pour him fluids to stay on top of his losses. He got a few shots today to get his GI system back on track with any luck.

Day 6. Perry strengthens intestinal weakness every day, but, of course, still exists, Perry will stay with the vet. He will certainly be followed closely, as he will follow his medical treatment strategy

Day 19. Little Perry has a rather sloping head, but that does not stop this energetic little boy. He is the kind of pork that enjoys its sauce, strangely enough, enjoys feeding through a tube, throwing the tube down like pasta noodles.

I like that he hoped, praying that he would get over what was happening, that it had nothing to do with hydrocephalus, but he received remarkable salvation that supported him, so we will be sure he will.

everything he needs to have the best life.

Day 30 Perry is getting better she’s better every day, how the points got your good side, almost no one will see.

Day 35. Perry was absolutely fine, after that bug she dies slowly, she can not control her sugar, she blushes every hour as she gets a very high drop of dextrose, her little body gets septic she gets it now Plasma transfusion is 2 seizures, as it is so weak.

I can not imagine what happened, how he kills me, I will never know why these special little kids have to go through so much to live a normal life that I have not rested because I am so worried that I will close my eyes and shake him

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