The rescuer refused to leave his 450 animals in Ukraine


The supplier refuses to leave its owner, despite the dangerous situation in Ukraine, which has suffered sad losses due to the actions of Russia.

The courier refuses to leave his 450 pets in Ukraine.

Russia has been rocked by unrest in Ukraine since early Thursday, killing 140 people, injuring hundreds and displacing more than a million. It is a conflict that has left a destructive balance that has affected not only citizens but also creatures.

Near the Ukrainian capital Ki, there is the retreat Italia JK2, home to more than 450 creatures of colorful species, from nags to breeds.

Andrea Sisternino is the author of the pet sanctuary, which shocked the world with its decision to stay by their side to cover.

“Now I have to assume that I will save the sanctuary – its more than 400 guests – who are working hard to defend themselves – that ‘s what I’m going to do. “I would rather die than let my companions die alone,” said the liberator.

He also wrote on his social networks. “Two military planes and a military helicopter flew over the sanctuary 10 minutes ago, Oksana said, one of the planes had attacked. There is a field 30 kilometers away from us, where another attack was carried out at 5 o’clock in the morning.

Despite the serious threat of staying in the area, Andrea is so married to the animals that she can not imagine leaving them.

The liberator assures that his priority is to cover the animals of his sanctuary

Andrea, an Italian-born former fashion shooter, moved to Ukraine a decade ago with his wife, Vlada Shalutko, to fight the persecution of pets. Together they opened a sanctuary in Ki, where they took thousands of deadly creatures.

At present, the sanctuary has 20,000 square meters, which are divided into colorful areas, one of which is intended for pets and cats. another for grazing cows; another funk pound, warehouses, kitchens, forces eventually for a veterinary clinic.

In 2011, Andrea published a photo book called Perros Callejeros, which featured reports of men and animals. Later, when he learned about the suffering of road animals in Ukraine during the European Championships, he decided to move to that country to help them.

At the time, he was investing the proceeds of his book deals in building an animal sanctuary. That is why he started his struggle in that country to protect pets, to raise the population’s attention, to promote the liberation of other species of animals that needed help.

But it was not easy, he had to face the rejection of those who were dedicated to hunting pets. After the opening of the sanctuary, the installation burned twice, causing the loss of 71 pets.

“Nothing helped us, not even the firefighters, we managed to get as many animals out as possible, until the fire was intentional,” said Andrean.

No misfortune forced him to drop his headscarf, he erected a new sanctuary with bigger, better conditions. He named the place KJ2, a tribute to the bear who lost his life in the 2017 violence in Tentino.

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