The rescued German Shepherd saved the life of his daddy keeping him alive after a stroke


His life was saved by the dog ​​he had saved just a few months ago.

Myers was in the hospital and their meeting much more emotional than the day they first met.

Myers rescued a dog named Sadie when he was taken to an animal shelter.

The staff of the shelter did everything to find an adopter for him, but it was very difficult and they were already starting to lose hope that someone would want to adopt the 6-year-old shepherd dog.

The thing is, this dog started to get nervous when he saw men and began to defend himself involuntarily.

However, his meeting with this man completely changed his life. After only 30 minutes, they were already friends.

The fears had seemed to disappear within minutes. It was love at first sight.

So they came home together enjoying life together. But after some time, an incident happened in their house that Myers will never forget.

It was a night when Myers suddenly began to feel bad and had a stroke.

He could not feel his left side. Sadie, realizing that her dad needed immediate help, quickly started trying to revive him.

The dog did not leave his side for even a minute, licking his face incessantly. In addition, he was barking, hoping that someone would hear and come to help.

Then, seeing that no one came, Sadie used all his strength to drag him across the room to be near the phone.

So that helped Myers pick up the phone and call for help.

Thus, the miraculous dog saved his dad’ life and if it wasn’t for him, it is not known how everything would have ended.

Finally the day came that they were reunited and it was so exciting.

Myers even started to cry as his favorite boy jumped into his arms, covering his face with kisses.

– Sadie, you are a wonderful boy and you deserve to be the happiest.

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