The rescued cat was so thin and dehydrated, that the volunteers were even afraid to touch him…


Turned out, that even the photos are not enough to understand the condition of this cat, and sadly we can’t think about finding a family for him yet, but we hope that day is not that far.

After saving the cat, he was immediately taken to the vet.

Although the volunteers had seen the photos before rescuing him, it turned out that evem the pics did not even fully reflect the whole condition of him.

The thing is that the cat was in a worse condition. It is not clear how long the cat lived in the street without food and water, but as a result he has many health problems now, including dehydration. The cat was terribly thin, and even touching it felt terrible and could cause pain.

There is no muscle or fat left in his body. He looks like a walkin skeleton. He has been starving for so long that his body has literally started eating itself. Now the vets have to wait until the cat gains weight and also the veins reach the body to start treating him.

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