The purple-painted puppy got sick, so he was thrown to take care of himself


The purple puppy was found abandoned and left to be cared for. A good Samaritan found him, called the rescuers, and everyone was very confused about what was happening.

The puppy was sick, had difficulty breathing, and one of his eyes was confused. They were not sure if the puppy had been abused and then thrown out.

He came to the veterinarian for an examination, he was given some food, a lot of care. They also treated the infected eye. The veterinarian thinks that someone painted the puppy purple, and as a result of which he reacted badly and became ill.

And then, not wanting to take care of the sick dog, the owner, in all probability, threw him.

But thanks to proper medical treatment and love, the little one immediately began to recover. He turned out to be quite a fighter with an eye on the future.

After receiving a medical examination, the baby went to a foster home. There he immediately hit it with their bigger and bigger dog.

Now that the puppy is healthy, they can focus their efforts on finding out who abandoned him so cruelly while trying to find him that perfect eternal home.

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