The orangutan family felt very lonely, but one day one of their caretakers came up with a great idea


We often come across such stories that tell about the wonderful companionship of animals.

Most of them often become friends with representatives of their species, however, even if, for example, a cat communicates well with a dog, we are no longer surprised.

Such stories have become very popular. But the story we are going to tell will really surprise you. Most likely, you could not imagine until now that being so different, they can become great friends and, besides that, a real savior for each other.

This zoo is located about 65 km from Brussels where lives a small family of orangutans who managed to become real superstars all over the world.

Before the outbreak of the world epidemic, a huge number of visitors gathered around them to show them their love.

They liked to be in the center of attention and in return they started flirting with the guests. The animals were not ashamed to show themselves in all their glory and in short, the stars lived a wonderful life and knew no sorrow.

But a moment came and their whole life changed. When the epidemic started, the zoo authorities had to close it.

This resulted in the orangutans instantly losing their greatest joy: being the center of attention and interacting with humans.

They were not even eating normally and their active and playful mood was replaced by restless and aggressive mood.

This worried the staff a lot and they knew that these orangutans needed human interaction to get them through this difficult period.

Matthew, from the zookeepers, knew that if this continued for some time, it would have very serious consequences.

The wrst case scenario was that the animals would soon die of boredom. The staff did their best not to make them feel alone, but they understood very well that they were not visitors at all and this helped them very little.

One day, however, one of the caretakers had an interesting idea and the man suggested to build an artificial river for the family.

It should start from the cage where the other inhabitants of the zoo, the otters, lived.

When they finished the work, these little creatures immediately came to study everything. It turned out that they soon found themselves in the territory of the orangutans.

They soon realized that they were not in any danger, and when they got closer, they started sniffing. They both felt great and soon became friends and started playing fun games together.

It seemed that they both needed each other and met each other at the right time. At first, the parents were afraid for their son, but soon they realized that these new creatures were not dangerous at all and they could be trusted.

The orangutans had a wonderful time together and did not want to be separated from each other.

They became closer day by day and became great friends. Surprisingly, they even let the otters run over their shoulders and even over their heads.

Thanks to their friends, the mood of the orangutans completely changed and now they spend almost all their time together with their new friends. They play together for a long time and hide under the tree trunks.

The staff of the zoo were also very happy, calling such friendship incredible. Photographers barely manage to photograph them and all the shots turn out just amazing.

The zoo even set up a special booth for their photos. The staff is still rejoicing over the success of the artificial canal, and although the zoo is now open to visitors, the orangutans remain great friends with the otters.

They are almost always in the territory of orangutans, and despite the fact that these animals are completely different from each other in lifestyle, nothing prevents them from their company.

We humans definitely have a lot to learn from these wonderful animals.

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