The Oldest Dog In The World Has Passed Away


I think we can all agree that the average lifespan of dogs is very short.

I know my family’s oldest dog lived to be about 18 years old, which is still an incredible effort, but at 18 she was blind and deaf as a position.

It was a human decision to finally euthanize him, as we could not have imagined he would live in such a state.


To hear about a dog that has lived for thirty (30) years is just crazy, but that’s what Australian Brian claims.

His Australian Kelpie Maggie recently died at the age of 30. He is 210 years old at the age of a dog. WHAT ?!

Whether Brian does not have any evidence to support his claim, we would like to assume that he is telling the truth, as he really has little to gain from lying about it.


According to Brian, his old baby lived a very active life until the end. Going to the store with Brian every day, spending time murmuring to most passersby, he never lost his self-esteem or independence.

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