The oldest cat in the world, whose name is Ruble, recently passed away at the age of 31


Ruble appeared in his new home as a “gift” to his owner’s 20th birthday.

Unfortunately, he recently passed away at the age of 31. He was the oldest cat in the world.

Cat’s owner said that their beloved cat had no health problems and probably the age was the only reason.

It was a very painful and tragic loss for him.

He told that it was a great happiness for him to live with the cute cat for so long.

The point is that on Christmas day the cat stopped eating food and only drank water, so the owner began to realize that this would probably be his last year with them…

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened, because he started to lose weight very quickly.

One day, returning home, the owner found out that the cat had crossed the road he used to go every day and didn’t came back.

It was clear that the cat had decided to die alone, as most cats do…

The owner treated his cat like his own child, since he had no children of his own.

Before that, he had another cat too, which died at the age of 25.

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