The neglected, chained Labrador gets rid of his old masters, he is happy


One of the sanctuaries in Ukraine received a phone call from a neighbor about the dog, who said that the owners of the house were drunkards who would deprive them of beating a pet.

In addition, they could hardly get home.

When the rescuers came, they found out that this old pet was in a plot of land chained to a stake, without a collar. the chain was simply twisted around his neck and locked.

They offered him food, water, water, he provided the conditions, they decided that it was best to take a pet, how to bring it to the sanctuary. They removed the chain from the pole and found some people to break the lock on the dog’s neck.

They quickly sent the dog to a veterinarian for 2 weeks to recover.

It was becoming increasingly clear that this dog would not really last long if they did not actually intervene. Fortunately, he was eventually released and offered to be with the other dogs.

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