The mother dog was begging every passer-by to help her and her pups, but no one paid attention to them…


The poor dog looked at the passers-by with sad eyes, as if asking them to help her and her babies.

She was very weak, so she was unable to feed them… The mother dog along with three puppies was left on the street without any help.

She and her puppies were crying non-stop because they had nothing to eat. However, people passed by them with indifference and did not even come close to help with anything.

They had been starving for so long that they were completely exhausted and looked very tired. The poor pups were exposed to harsh reality since birth, and they had no idea what it means to be loved.

As for their mother, she didn’t have milk to feed her little babies and she didn’t know what to do and how to save them.

A good-hearted woman finally noticed them and immediately took them to the vet.

There they found out that one of the babies was sick and the other two were healthy. Therefore, the baby began to receive appropriate treatment.  The mother dog along with her puppies were properly fed and cared for by kind volunteers.

After 2 months, they all felt very well already. The mother dog was finally able to take care of her puppies and feed them.

She looks wonderful already and is getting stronger day by day.

Fortunately, a kind family was found who agreed to take the little family into their home and take care of them.

Now they all live together in a very warm and caring home, enjoying every minute of their life.

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