The man who swore that he’d never stop searching for his lost dog eventually finds him after 4 years


Machael Joy had the worst experience in his life as the dog owner. His three adored canines got lost.Two of the canines returned, yet the third one Sam the months old canine was gone with no trace .

Michael looked everywhere possible but still no luck. He promised his wife that he will find the pup, and even continued following the shelters to see if there were any news.

Eventually Mike with his family ended up moving to Kentucky but he never lost his hope that everything was going to be just fine. He was more than sure that Sam was somewhere there.

He made it regular visiting their home in Georgia having the belief that the little would appear there. And one day he got a call from Ohio sanctuary that they have found a dog.

At first Michael was not able to believe to what he heard but then he understood that it was his last chance. So after getting the slight description of the pup he went to Ohio.

After that call Michael drove to Ohio the same day.He hoped that Sam will remember him after so many years passed as they both have changed. While being in the sanctuary Sam had some medical examinations.

After seeing each other both of them were so happy and excited they could not hold back their emotions. And the man promised that he will never ever again let Sam get of his sight once again.

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