The man who had been blind all his life got a chance to see his wife and son for the first time in his life…


It was out of reach for him because he never had a chance to see his wife or son in his whole life. Of course, he was surprised when he was offered to do it.

The thing is that Gene has a disease called Stargard and because of it he lost almost all of his sight at a very young age.

He only sees certain images from time to time. So he had never been able to see his wife’s face before and could not imagine what she really looked like.

His son’s face was also a real mystery to him… One day his wife was immediately inspired by seeing a man on the show who had the exact disease as her husband.

She also dreamed that one day her husband would be able to see her and their son. They eventually got an invitation from that show.

During the show, Gene was given a pair of rare electronic glasses that allowed him to see the faces of the most important and beloved people in his life for the first time.

It was so exciting for the whole family. The husband was so amazed by the beauty of his wife that he could not restrain his cries of joy.

It was the most wonderful gift he received in his entire life and he will forever cherish his family ”photos” in his memories…

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