The man sees a dog carrying a bag in the desert, follows him


Zack was refueling near the Grand Canyon when he spotted a wanderer carrying a Starbucks bag.

He found out that the local authorities had been trying to catch the dog for three months at this time, he was able to get closer than the others.

He continued to pursue him in the wilderness for four long days.

Haseyan was very smart for his own benefit, he constantly avoided captivity. But one day he finally entered the box, as if to say:

“I can not do it anymore!” The sweet girl decided to trust this man, she was so happy for it.

It would be a 26-hour drive home, but they first stopped at a veterinarian.

He was worried that he might not get along with the other animals in the house, but Haseyan hit him with a cat, and later Marmar.

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