The little lamb, who was once very weak, showed by his example that music can save lives


They are so happy that Archie came into their life, filling it with warm and bright colors…

This lamb was recently rescued by its new parents, Dave and Jen.

But on the first day, everything was terrible, because the baby could not drink milk and felt very weak.

The couple worked hard so that the lamb regained his strength and ate properly.

They tried to find the right formula for him and spent hours with the baby because he needed warmth. Here is what helped the little one.

There is something very sweet in all of this that will surely melt your heart too. The thing is, Dave is a musician, and his little lamb just adored it.

When his father started playing, he immediately responded to it. It was like his meditation.

After just a few weeks, it seemed like a miracle happened, because Archie was becoming very playful and active day by day.

He would fall asleep immediately when Dave played the lullaby for him.

Soon the new member of the farm became friends with the sheep and other animals as well. He became calmer and self-sufficient.

The couple was so happy that they managed to save the baby.

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