The little baby horse just couldn’t stop kissing and hugging the woman, as if he fell in love with her


It turns out that there are many other animals besides dogs that love to hug, for example horses.

Recently happened a very cute moment when a seven-day-old baby horse met a rider and simply fell in love with her.

It was such a heartwarming scene that has garnered millions of views within a short time of being posted online.

The videi was shared by Sunny Bane and it just captured everyone’s hearts.

The young woman could not imagine what a sweet meeting was waiting for her.

The animal, seeing her, immediately ran towards her and, hugging her tightly, began to pounce on her.

He seemed to show that horses can also love someone a lot.

At first, he pushed the lady to the ground, then hugged and kissed her non-stop.

Of course, all of this happened under the supervision of his mother, who kept a close eye on them.

Bane just couldn’t get enough of it. It was such a warm and sweet moment that will undoubtedly remain in everyone’s memory for a long time, especially Bane’s.

All that was enough for her to say: “This was the best day of my life.”

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