The kitty rescued from a very hot weather fell in love with his foster mother


The cat was found in the yard of a house in hot weather.

Now his life has completely changed and he is now living a wonderful life.

After going there, he seemed to get a new lease of life.

A good Samaritan found him in time, saving him from the relentless heat.

He was still very small and would not be able to survive alone. He needed round-the-clock care.

After bathing and eating delicious food, the kitten slowly began to adjust to the new environment and warm up.

He was already feeling very calm and was not shy to show his sweet personality to everyone who approached him.

The kitten received excellent care, having all her desires satisfied.

Haley, his foster mother, decided to name her Lavender and he simply adored her.

At first, the sweet kitten was quite scared, but everything changed in just one day.

Already the next morning, he realized that he was in the hands of the most caring people and there’s nothing to worry about. He feels so happy and loved.

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