The kiss of a horse and a baby boy immediately went viral melting millions of hearts all over the world…


For many people, horses are considered pets. Many people who love horses even run horse stables, teaching others how to care for these magnificent animals.

And what is the best way to show love to each other, perhaps a few kisses? Of course yes.

The heroes of our today’s story shocked the whole world with their sweet video, where it is seen how a horse gives a few kisses to his little friend.

It just went viral all over the internet. Of course, everything was not over with one kiss. After a while, the little one went up to kiss the horse too.

They are so cute they look like something out of a cartoon. Despite the huge difference in their sizes, their love for each other spreads true magic all around.

Horses are considered social animals, so they also need relationships to feel happy. And not only with animals, but even with people.

Lack of socialization often has a negative effect on them because they learn many things and acquire different skills naturally.

As with this little guy, a kiss works just fine.

Psychologists have discovered that horses are able to distinguish and feel the different moods of people based on their facial expressions. They can even distinguish between anger and happiness.

When they feel that a person is angry, they react with fear or some aggressiveness.

If you show them gentleness, you will see how their behaviour will change.

As you can see, these two are really very attached to each other, an example of pure love from such a majestic creature.

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