The kind people fought for her life day and night as they wanted to prove her that she deserved the whole world


Angel is here to tell you the story of her life, which was full of terribly cruel days…

They decided to deliberately starve Angel and whe was almost on the verge of death.

Fortunately, kind people were able to save her. Her health condition had reached a very critical state and her survival was like a real miracle.

Her eyes showed how much pain whe felt and how weak she was. Besides that, she was afraid of everything.

Every bone in her body was filled with intense pain and she could not even move anymore. It was just awful…

Being treated so badly for so long had really broken her heart and she didn’t trust people either.

But fortunately everything was about to change which means that you should never lose hope.

She came under the care of very caring people who did everything to ensure her perfect comfort.

They really knew what to do. They routinely fed her during the day, giving small amounts of food.

She was also given the necessary antibiotics and painkillers.

Day by day, everything began to improve. All that just made her foster family so happy.

Finally, a stable diet and continuous treatments gave their excellent result, bringing the dog back to life .

She was not weak and had no problem with appetite. After all that, she also received the most pleasant news.

Angel found her perfect family. We want to express our unspeakable gratitude to everyone who spared no effort to save this sweet dog’s life. You are real heroes.

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