The hungry Chow sat in the field for 6 months until the dog’s friend came to help


The Hope For Paws was alerted to starving Chaw in Central California, so they prepared for the 300-mile journey.

A woman named Claudia was able to feed the dog for several months, but could not get close enough to touch him.

But he would bring another dog with him, which the homeless Chao liked.

The whiskey owner died and the dog left no one, so Claudia took him inside, fearing he would stay in the shelter. And now he was helping.

The rescuers put a box and left so that Gogo could rest only in the presence of his friend.

And he did the trick. After struggling to survive on the streets for six months, it was about bigger and better things.

Claudia could not keep whiskey, so she allowed Hope For Paws to bring both dogs inside.

They took their friends, cleaned them, prepared them for the second chance at life, it’s a beautiful thing.

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