The hero dog became a real star in Romania, as he managed to save the life of the cyclist


The dog spent his entire life on the streets, wandering from one place to another. He never had a house before, but one day he became a real star of Romanian․

It all happened when a cyclist, who had gone for a bike ride in a beautiful area, suddenly felt that something had gone wrong. He fell
from the bicycle, breaking two bones and injuring his leg.

The point was that he was in such a place that there was no connection and even cars rarely passed by that place.

Several hours had already passed and the boy was completely desperate.

It seemed to him that no one would come to help him, because it was already very dark and cold outside.

But then it seemed like a miracle happened. A dog appeared coming out of the forest. bSeeing the boy, he approached him and started wagging his tail.

He seemed to realize that the man needed help, and tried to hug him in every possible way, thereby warming him.

Finally, passing tourists came there and finnally found these two hugging each other.

They immediately called rescuers, who came to the scene and quickly took the man to the hospital. The boy was thinking about the dog all the way and asked the driver to take care of him too.

But of course the rescuers did not leave the dog there and take him to the shelter. One of the local channels, knowing about this, filmed a whole story about the hero dog and now he has become a real star in the whole world .

Thanks to that, the dog already lives in a new house and has loving owners.

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