The herd of elephants gathered together to pay their last respect to their leader


We have all heard that elephants are somewhat similar to humans, including that they are also considered to be one of the creatures closest to humans in feelings.

They can be much more emotional than we can imagine. This story is one of its bright examples, which just shocked the Internet, touching thousands of people. That exciting video was shot near the Nature Reserve in Sri Lanka.

The video shows a herd of elephans gathered there to pay therir last respect to their leade r.

By watching the video below, you can see how they try to hug their leader, who was killed by the enemy, with their claws.

The people who were there saw it all and recorded it on video witnessing how about 300elephants gathered to say goodbye to their dead leader.

Years ago, there was a study by the University of Oxford, which showed that elephants also begin to mourn when they lose someone.

The fact of the death of their family or friends is quite hard for them.

Elephants also start helping the dying and the sick, because they think that they can really get them out of that condition or heal them. What a heart-touching scene!

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