The happy deer befriends the curious Golden Retriever


Animals never surprise us with their unexpected reactions to events, situations, people.

Sometimes they respond to different types of animals with really amazing horses, and I have to admit that it is great fun. I’m always happy when there is someone around to record these wonderful moments.

This video shows a rather rare “amazing connection” between a dog and a deer who meet for the first time. Since this was the first meeting, their curiosity was as obvious as the excitement of making a new friend.

The way the deer greeted the dog in the stream with emotion was amazing.

While the dog seemed to be quite cold during their meeting, it was just wagging its tail, the deer seemed unrestrained, happy to see its new friend.

Maybe this deer had never seen a dog before, he just saw him as a member of a gang, he wanted to play and make friends.

Fortunately for us, the dog owner took the time to record this special meeting with the deer.

The way the deer dances when it sees its new friend, fully shows its excitement.

The dog owner was very surprised by the deer’s reaction, seeing that these two animals are very fast and perfect during their first meeting.

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