The good Samaritan saved the life of a kitten with a unique smile who ran after him to beg for help


Running after them to the house, the cat asked to be let in…

It was the beginning of November when a good Samaritan who lives in Florida was simply amazed to see a little kitten running down his path and meowing for attention.

Approaching him, he noticed that the kitten had some problems, incuding an upper respiratory tract infction and also some facial problems.

He decided to take the cat and brought it inside. He then turned to Liberation Cat House, a local cat rescue, for help.

He decided to name the cat Bug, who was about 7 weeks old with one open eye.

Bug is so brave that nothing will stop him from doing what he wants.

Appearing in a new area, he immediately began to explore everything and play with his new toys.

Bug is a friendly, curious cat who wants to investigate everything around him.

The rescuers are doing their best to help Bug recover, providing him with everything he needs to thrive.

No matter what, Bug is always in a good mood and proudly wears his initially gruff but adorable smile.

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