The funny parrot made everyone laugh as he started :complaining” about the cat’s behaviour


All pets are so sweet and ready to make our life more fun every minute.

Cockatoos are the perfect example of that, which are considered to be really beautiful and intelligent pets. They are really able to give positive charges to people.

They have a wonderful ability to reproduce sounds they have heard before. All parrots are unique and each has its own personal habits.

In the video presented here, you can see how brilliantly the bird shows them.

Well, now it’s time to meet Mr. Max, a sweet cockatoo who has become a real star because he talks a lot.

In this video, for example, he decided to tell about the cat’s behavior. When you see Max talking about what the cat did, you’ll start laughing non-stop too.

At first the owner listened very carefully to what the parrot was saying, and then he said that he had better stay away from the cat so as not to cause trouble. It seems that the bird really understands every word that is said to him, because he listens so carefully to his owner.

Cockatoos are really very smart pets, which we are convinced of every time we look at their behavior.

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