The fox who was shot hugs the man who saved his life


When someone first spotted Basil the fox, he was paralyzed during the day and had injured legs. Not wanting to be tormented, the anxious passerby contacted a known wildlife rescuer to see if he could help.

The woman told Dan Martin the location of the fox, which turned out to be only three minutes away from Martin’s workplace.

Armed with a soft towel, Martin quickly found Basil and saw that he was desperately asking for help.

He approached her slowly, trying to gain her trust, for only 20 minutes, until Basil allowed Martin to approach him.

“I slowly showed her leg a few times so she would know why I was there,” Martin wrote on his Facebook page.

“After a brief discussion with him (I was having the whole conversation) about what the plan was, I gently wrapped the towel around him without any fuss.”

Martin could not see a veterinarian for Basil until the next morning, so he took the wounded fox home with him at night to keep him safe until he could be examined.

He spoiled Basil with hospitality, gave him a warm place to sleep, and the next day Basil woke up in a much better mood, wanting to greet his new best friend.

“She became an amazing caress,” Martin told The Dodo. “I can only assume that he was grateful for the help, for all the hospitality he had the night before.”

Martin drove Basil to the vet’s office and waited with him until it was his turn. As they waited, Basil continued to hug and show his love, apparently so grateful to Martin for saving him.

After examining Basil, the veterinarian found out that his injury was most likely from a shotgun, unfortunately, his leg had to be amputated.

The veterinarian also suspected that Basil could be taken captive because he was friendly. Although his job was technically complete, Martin reluctantly left his new friend and decided to spend some more time with him.

“He was so tender with me that I decided to stay with him for an hour and a half waiting for his surgery, which made him happy,” Martin said. “I was even there when he slept on the operating table.”

Basil is accepted by the National Fox Welfare Society. His operation went “incredibly well”, he is now recovering, he is resting, while the rescuers are working out a long-term plan for him.

Martin continued to chase Basil, never forgetting all the hugs Basil gave him after saving his life.

“I hope to see him again,” Martin said. “I was following his progress on their website, he’s the most beautiful fox there.”

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