The first quadruplets born in Manchester turned 4 years old. How do they look now?


One in seven million babies is born with quadruplets. This time, a woman from the UK who was 31 years old was the victim.

She and her husband raise four wonderful twins and two older children in love and harmony after overcoming numerous obstacles and experiences.

The test gave a long-awaited positive result in 2014. What a shock it was for the newlywed parents and doctors to learn that they were expecting four children simultaneously!

They have already reached the age of four. In February 2015, Sofia, Eston, Amelia, and Roman were born. The family resides in Manchester’s Stockport.

Parents had to travel a difficult path, along with their leftovers. It all began with 20 diapers, 24 milk bottles, and other issues that both parents had to deal with on their own.

At the 30th week of pregnancy, the quadruplets were delivered via Caesarean section in February. Sofia weighed 1,637 kg, Roman — 1,276 kg, Eston – 1,417 kg, and Amelia – 1,559 kg. They were all born healthy.

The content parents brought the crumbs home a few days later and immediately noticed that they were completely different in appearance and personality.

Sofia is very calm and enjoys eating, Eston is always happy and smiling, Roman is the smallest but loudest, and everyone who meets Amelia falls in love with her.

Hardships in raising and really focusing on posterity go on today. Despite the fact that they spend 200 pounds (or 17,000 rubles) on them each week, the couple claims that nothing in their lives should be altered.

The mother of multiple children is constantly hypervigilant and anxious for her children. Dad makes every effort to earn enough money to provide for the family.

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