The firemen saved the lives of the kittens due to a special oxygen mask made for pets


A kitten’s life was saved thanks to an oxygen mask made especially for pets…

The orange tabby kitten had to go through many trials in his life, but he was so brave that no trial could break his fighting spirit.

The cat was found in very poor condition near a burning apartment building.

He was lifeless and they quickly used a special mask to revive him, which you can see on your screens now.

About 15 residents were evacuated from the building that day and fortunately none of them were injured.

Two kittens were injured as a result of smoke inhalation.

In order to revive them, the firefighters quickly moved them to the street and covered their faces with an oxygen mask.

During that time, they also stroked the kittens’ stomachs and necks, doing everything to stabilize their condition.

Fortunately, caring people managed to save their lives.

When they were already feeling well, the firefighters moved them to a safe place until their family members would came after them.

At this time it is not known whether they have been reunited with their families or not, but they are undoubtedly in very safe hands.

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