The fascinating golden dog bumps into a street kitten, takes him home and adopts him


The wonderful golden retriever noticed a struggling kittie that wanted to survive and understood that the animal needed help.

No one can guess what was on his mind at that time but the fact is that he did his best to help the little one.

The doggie was sure that if he took the poor soul to his parents they will be glad and will surely know how to help the animal. So he without any doubts took him to the car where his parents were.

At first the family was surprised and they decided to look for the cat;s family.

After some time of searching they found out that the kitten was totally alone and his chances to survive were slim so they decided to take him home with them.

As they got home the owner fed the kitten through the bottle, to be sure the he had enough strength. The little one needed all day long care and luckily he had his golden by his side all the time.

After saving him the dog obviously started acting like his mother and was very protective. After some time they created such an amazing bond. They loved each other so much and their story melted everybody’s heart.

The even eat from the same plate, playogether, take walks, snuggle and do lots of other stuff together. They really do enjoy spending time together.

Can you imagine going from a street life to an amazing family where you have this golden wonder taking care of yourself.

Maybe the kitten does not understand the the act of love the dog did, but he for sure is very grateful for changing his life forever.

What comes to dog he is really glad that he saved his best friend and is taking good care of him. He will continue to do so for the rest of his life for sure.

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