The driver suddenly noticed, that one of the passengers left a bag, that suddenly started moving…


It was almost Christmas Eve. The driver was about to finish his shift soon, when he suddenly noticed something strange.

On one of the seats, he noticed a bag, probably left by one of the passengers. It was closed, so the driver had no idea what was inside.

He decided not to open it and called a special service to find out the contents of the bag. But when he wanted to get off the bus, he suddenly felt that the bag started to move.

He immediately opened it and saw that there were three kittens in the bag, which were so sweet and adorable.

He decided to give the animals to the dispatcher, who contacted a shelter of stray animals.

Volunteers went there and took the sweet babies to the shelter. After that they immediately took them under their care.

They are about three weeks old and fortunately, no diseases were found.

Volunteers took care of the little kittens for some time, and then kind people found caring families for each of them, where they have a great time and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

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