The dog’s teddy bear is on a straight path to a vacuum, but his sister saves the day


Mom comes out of the vacuum cleaner to clean the house, and the dogs are on high alert.

Charlie dropped his stuffed toy and it’s on the way to the cleaner. He starts barking and attacking, but it is Esme’s cold head that will win and save the day.

“Darla Sanchez has recorded the moment when her dogs bark at eight-year-old Esmen and seven-year-old Charlie on a vacuum cleaner in their home in California (USA).

In Darla’s video, Esme sighs as she grabs a stuffed dog by the mouth, dragging him under the bed, cheerfully trying to save him.

The video has been circulated on the Internet for millions of views.

Darla said. “It happens every time I vacuum, they save everything. “But they learned to release me. If not, I would never have finished cleaning up.”

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