The dog who had been rescued from the street by a kind woman, saved the life of her 91-year-old mother…


Mary Delima once noticed a dog wandering near her house, but was unable to approach it that day. Only a few months later their paths seemed to cross again. It was a very cold day, and it seemed that the dog was waiting for her help.

He was very thin and looked exhausted. So Mary fed the dog and contacted a nearby shelter, who told her that a picture of the dog would be posted on their page and if no one responded within 2 weeks, they could adopt the dog. The thing is, their family had recently lost their beloved dog, so they didn’t mind it.

As no one appeared as the dog’s owner, Mary adopted him. The sweet dog, named Beau, was first taken to the clinic for a full vet checkup. Day by day he began to feel better and for a short time even managed to return to his normal weight. Everyone loves the baby very much, especially Mary’s 91-year-old mother, who also lives with them.

The point is that the woman takes her medicine every morning, and every time the dog stands next to her and kisses her when she’s done. After some time, her mother, Teresa, was not feeling well, and one day when they were returning from a walk, she suddenly fainted.

Her daughter was working at the time and didn’t notice because she was giving riding lessons to children on the other side of the house. So realizing that the woman needed immediate help, the dog started running and barking, trying to attract Mary’s attention.

Suddenly, one of her disciples noticed them and warned Mary about it… At first they gave the woman oxygen and after 25 minutes she was already feeling well. Beau still continued to bark and he finally calmed down when Teresa came home and petted him,nas if it was the happiest moment of his life…

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