The dog was thrown with rust fever, with suspicious burns on his body


The lamb was left, thrown with the plague, with the tick, and there were suspicious burns on his body. The dog was regretted by Sidewalk Specials, but they were determined to help.

Lamb absorbed all the love and attention he could receive in his foster home while he waited for an eternal family. Just when he almost lost hope, they got his first toy. The lamb would not miss it.

And then it happened…

Lamb received that eternal home. He got a dog-cat friend, he looked better and better every day, but the damage was already done.

The miserable beginning of Lamb’s life had its effect; at just 8 months old, the baby, unfortunately, died in its mother’s arms.

Whether he is gone or not, we can rejoice in the fact that when Lamb was happy, he finally fell in love.

Sidewalk Specials does not regret the time or effort invested in rescuing Lambi even doing it again we hope his story shows that all dogs deserve love, no matter what.

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