The dog risks his life by crossing the street, asking for help for the injured owner


His only concern was to find help for his master, nothing else mattered to him, not even life writes Menomonee.

Milagro Munoz Arayan her husband spotted a small dog wandering the streets near a veterinary hospital in Guapiles, Costa Rica.

They decided to help the dog, but he ran away, so they followed him and found a wounded man lying inside.

Thus, they called an ambulance, while the dog never left the owner.

The ambulance workers came and took the man to the car, the dog also jumped inside, but they had to get rid of him because the dogs are not allowed to enter the car.

Milagro went to the hospital to see the person and even helped a dog named Chikita take him to a veterinary clinic where he works to treat him as he lives on the streets.

They will do everything to make the dog and his man sleeps in good condition.

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