The dog on the death bed looks at the first person who pays attention and smiles through his pain


Finding food, water and shelter for stray animals is always a problem.

They have to navigate the busy world around them on their own. A dog was trying to find food when it was hit by a car. Because he had no one to take care of him, he could suffer alone.

The injured dog found an old abandoned house. He lay in the same old house for five days, shouting for help or imminent death. His pain was unimaginable. Finally, someone heard the dog crying and made some calls. The local rescuer arrived home, and could not believe how much the poor cub was struggling.

The local rescuer walked over and decided that he would take care of the dog, despite his serious condition. The rescuer was surprised by how much the dog was in pain, and how long he was without food, or water, when he was loaded in the car, he looked at the kind man and smiled.

Despite the pain and uncertainty, the dog realized that he now had a real fighting ability.

As soon as they got to the vet, the dog’s test was positive for blood parasites. Fortunately, they could be treated with medication. But the veterinarian staff was understandably depressed by the dog’s inability to move.

Tests have shown that the dog has suffered significant nerve damage, it is not clear when he will walk again.

Local rescuers and veterinarians have teamed up to help the deserving dog. Physical therapy was his best option. If they move his body, his nerve damage can be improved.

With the help of a slingshot, the staff: volunteers work hard to help the dog rebuild its body. And he loves every brave little dog fighter every minute.

He does not mind that all this hard work damages the dog’s body. She is strong-willed, so sweet. He is not used to people paying attention to him. He finally feels special because he has always been special.

To say that he was on the verge of death is an understatement.

He would have died alone in that old house, but now he is surrounded by kind people, excellent medical care, all the food and water he needs. His future looks bright. Every day he progresses more and more, The veterinarian is sure that he will walk again.

“Scroll down to see his amazing salvation and transfiguration.”

Let’s call out the brave dog, his rescuer, his vet, his staff. They do all these wonderful things for animals out of the kindness of their hearts.

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