The dog lost mobility on his left side, but his father knew exactly what he needed to feel happy again.․․


Caring for a pet is really a big responsibility, depending solely on the attention of its human parents.

Therefore, before having a furry friend at home, you should think long, because you should understand that not everything will be easy.

The most important thing is to always support them and be by their side.

Those who are aware of all this will make every effort to ensure that their pets enjoy their lives even when they are already in such a state that their bodies no longer respond as usual.

Agea Santos does this because he is very worried about his puppy, who had a stroke.

Once he was able to play all day, ran in the rain, enjoying every minute of life.

Now he has difficulty standing because of the paralysis, so he can’t do what he loved most: run in the rain and play in the water for a long time…

His owner therefore found a solution for his furry child.b

When it rains, he takes the dog and goes out with him so that he can continue to enjoy it as before. It is so touching.

“We believe that everything will be as it was before and our dog, who has lost the mobility of his left side because of a stroke, including his vision, will learn to walk again.

He is currently undergoing physical therapy and acupuncture with specialists, so he will soon be back and running in the rain like he used to,” Santos wrote.

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