The dog looks at sea every day for a friend who does not return


The Jolie Mejian family headed to the coastal community of Punta Negra near their home in Peru, where they witnessed a bittersweet.

They sat down on the beach and noticed a dog looking out to sea as if it were looking for something.

The dog was clean, with a collar, and seemed to be well-groomed.

They caressed him as he stared at the horizon. Then a local man passed by they decided to ask for information about the dog…

He explained that everyone in the area knew and loved the dog, that its owner, the fisherman, had died about a year ago. The dog comes to the beach every day, waiting for a friend who will never return.

As sad as it is, Vaguito is well-groomed, has many friends, including a local woman who has taken on the task of feeding the crown and keeping it at home.

The Mejia family left that day with a story of love and loyalty that filled their hearts.

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