The dog is beaten in his own game of fetch by his amazing horse friend


Wantching animal videos on the internet is something that most people love the most. There is something in them that makes you feel a special love and fun watching them.

This story is about a dog, Bracken and his best buddy Nimrod the horse. They live in the same farm together. In the video you may see the two best friends playing and having fun together.

In the clip the horse is taking Bracken’s favourite toy and he becomes kind of jealous because of that.

If you are lucky parent of a dog you will know for sure that if someone takes the dog’s toy at that moment it becomes the best possesion that they have ever had.

It is amazing that they are also very friendly and can find a perfect way how to share their toys. The funny dog wants t play but he is not that keen when the toy is taken by his buddy. Watch the video yourself and you’ll see.

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