The dog has come to the conclusion that he too deserves to have dinner at the table like his family


Rocco is a wonderful and special dog who never misses dinner with his family.

After much research, he came to the conclusion that everyone gathers at the dinner table every day to eat their food.

There is also a wonderful video here where the dog shows that he is a full member of the family and deserves his place of honor at the dinner table.

Every day, when mom announces that it’s time for dinner, he is the first to respond and sit down. He chooses a place at the table and seems to try to sit like his family members.

Seeing Rocco sitting there for the first time, they were all surprised after which they started laughing. He sits on the chair like a human and patiently waits for his plate.

During that he remains with a very proud and solemn look on his face. Looking at his mother like that, he seems to demand his dinner so that he can start eating with the others.

While it’s a very normal thing for dogs to eat on thefeet, Rocco definitely doesn’t agree with the idea, as he’s discovered much more comfortable way of doing it and isn’t about to change it.

He obviously likes it a lot when he sits around the same table with his favorite people and eats together with them, feeling like a full member of the house without worrying about boring dog rules.

The sweet boy will definitely always be an irreplaceable part of thei family.

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