The dog and the owner do not know that the alligator is hidden in the water only a few inches away


Corina Cox, 37, had to evacuate her home in Florida due to Hurricane Irma.

After all the rain and devastation, he decided to take his dog out. But even after the storm was over, there was another danger in the floodwaters.

“I was just looking at Pokey on the phone, I was not looking back at those around me at all. “It’s like Pokin saw it. He jumped out to see what it was because it stunned the alligator,” Corina said.

As the shots rotate, you can see the dog swimming with its head back in the water. Terrible scene.

“When I saw the springboard climbing side by side, I just started pulling the rope with it as fast as possible.

“It scared me so much that I could not stand up. My jelly-like legs crawled to the house,” he continued. What a love lesson learned.

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