The deaf dog who had been missing for a long time finally reunited with his family…


Pets have a very special place in our lives and it is impossible to imagine it without them.

It was one of the most difficult moments in Marissa’s life when she was gifted a dog that was deaf.

The thing is that she had recently lost one of her three babies to a brain cancer, and besides, she was taking care of the children alone.

At first they didn’t know the dog was deaf, but it became clear when they noticed the dog didn’t respond to her baby’s cries or other loud noises.

However, this did not affect their attitude towards the dog in any way. Even Marissa has mentioned that she considers the dog’s deafness to be his “superpower”.

Last September, however, Rufus ran away from home and Marisa immediately contacted a volunteer group to find the dog. They all started looking for the him, spreading a lot of posters.

It had been a long time since Rufus was gone, so Marisa’s hope was beginning to fade. However, the kind man was in the right plarce at the right time.

Arabel Solis happened to notice the cute puppy while riding a motorcycle and couldn’t pass by indifferently. He understood very well what it was like to lose a pet, so he took the dogto try to find his owners.

When the dog was taken to the shelter, they were able to quickly identify, thanks to his chip, that the sweet pup rescued by the kind man was Rufus.

Therefore, they immediately contacted his family, who were in Spain at the time. Imagine what a joyous moment that was for them.

Marissa called it a real miracle. It was so exciting to see them reunited.

“Life can change in a minute and I am sure that a great miracle has happened. I feel blessed,” she said.

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