The dead dog with his family was too scared to raise his head


On a property in Lawrence, Alabama, there is a small house built of ash blocks without electricity or plumbing.

Until recently, the yard around this house was full of dogs, they all needed help, writes the dodo.

These dogs looked almost like moving statues when rescuers arrived from the area last month. All of the 30 or so dogs had severe cases of the plague that made them look like gypsum.

“Almost every dog was hairless. Puppies have been found to feed various maternal dogs.

“They went to the mother who was with them,” the Guardians of Rescue wrote on Facebook last week, helping dogs recover and find eternal homes.

The dogs were infested with lice, parasites, and they all suffered from the sarcoptic plague.

And many of the dogs were too scared to approach people trying to help them. Animal control staff had to trap some of the dogs to bring them help.

“No one knows for sure why these dogs were allowed to reach this point, but they will not be harmed,” Robert Misery, the head of Rescue Guards, told The Dodo. attitude.

Not all dogs were rescued. “Some of the dogs were in such bad condition that, unfortunately, they did not survive,” writes the Guardians of Rescue.

Dogs that have survived still carry the physical and emotional scars of neglect. Even after being brought to safety, a dog seemed too scared to even raise its head.

Because Lawrence County does not have animal shelters, lifeguards help keep dogs where they can be treated for their condition and eventually adopt when they are fully recovered.

A dog was rescued at the right time to give birth to its cubs.

“Dogs get better with love treatment,” added Missouri.

Even after such suffering, dogs finally begin to hold their heads high, as if looking forward to a new life.

After a few weeks of treatment, after restoring people’s trust, the dogs were almost unrecognizable. And many began to find families.

“Many of the dogs have been adopted. You can see how their skin has changed,” Misery said. “They are doing great.”


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