The cross-eyed cat has been waiting for his forever home for almost 1 year, hoping to find the most caring family


Ben Franklin was a little nervous from the first day he arrived at the Animal Welfare Society, but that didn’t stop everyone from instantly falling in love with him.

It was undoubtedly due to his unique eyes and facial expression.

Ben seems to look sad all the time, but it doesn’t affect anyone at all.

The thing is, on the contrary, it makes him irresistibly adorable and instantly attracts everyonte’s attention.

Everyone is immediately attracted to his unique eyes, which are so cute.

However, when people see him, they often think that his eyes will actually prevent someone from wanting to adopt him, but this is not the case.

He always gets a lot of attention from people who are potential adopters.

When they see his sweet face for the first time, their hearts immediately melt.

Unfortunately, the thing is he’s not as gentle in nature as people would like, so he’s been waiting a year for his chance.

Those who took care of him now, however, did not lose hope and are waiting for someone to appear who will give the cat the care it needs the most.

In addition to all that, he receives a special medicated diet, which is very important for him.

Therefore, there must be someone who will do all that for him with great love and attention.

Although things are a bit on hold at the moment, his friends at the shelter are confident that he will soon settle into his new home and be able to come out of his shell.

Ben just wants to have a family that will love and care for him forever…

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