The couple saved the life of an orphaned baby deer, who came to them to ask for help…


After giving birth, mother deer hides her babues in the vegetation for the first week to hide and protect them from predators.

After that, she regularly returns to her baby to feed him. In general, she feeds her babies for about three to four months after birth.

They stay with their mother for about a year. It was 2020 when Dawn Rasmussen’s husband suddenly heard a baby deer crying loudly.

As he came out to him, the fawn ran up to him, landing on his feet.

They decided to name the deer Thor and immediately called the vet to take him for a thorough examination.

After that, they found out that Thor had been abandoned and most likely his mother died, because otherwise she wouldn’t have left him alone.

Thing is, the vet didn’t have a place for him, so they realized they couldn’t leave Thor alone and brought him home with them, becoming his new family.

Because they couldn’t keep the wild animal in their house, they created a large outdoor enclosure where he could roam as much as he wanted, staying outside.

“At first, I slept in a tent outside, so that I could be next to him and he would feel safe at night,” he said.

They fed the animal goat milk every 3 hours. They took excellent care of him, even teaching him to look for food.

At the age of four months, Thor went for a walk in the wild and came back again.

“When I would call ‘Thor,’ he would come running and get his milk bottle,” Dawn shared.

It has been a long time since Thor became an inseparable part of their family.

He is now 2 and a half years old and has a very special relationship with Dawn, who has taken care of him like a mother.

He also became a part of the deer herd, which also includes Thor’s relatives.

Now it also happens that they don’t see him for about a month, but still he always comes back to visit his humans.

Their bond is simply incredible and it was strengthened even more when Thor came to their house with a leg injury to get help from his mother mother.

Dawn took care of him until he fully recovered and even massaged his leg. Now he already feels great and can jump like any other deer.

“Thor makes my life so wonderful. I’m really happy that he’s a part of my life and I appreciate every moment I get to spend with Thor,” Dawn said.

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