The couple has been forced to live in their car for a year because of having a dog…


This story is proof of how much importance dogs can have in people’s lives, that they are even ready to take such amazing steps for their sake.

This family has a dog and because of that they can’t find an apartment.

That is the reason why the couple, 63-year-old Eberhardt and 70-year-old Magda Jay, have been living in their car for already a year.

They keep their clothes and other belongings in the back of their car, sleeping on the front seats.

The thing is that they were evicted from their house by their landlord, commenting that because of their dog the house smelled bad.

Renting a new apartment or house has already become a big problem for them .

Sinn is an 80-kilogram fighting dog, 4 years old, who has become a full member of their family, so they just can’t leave their belove doggie.

In this one year, they contacted more than 60 landlords, but all of them refused to provide apartments to people with a dog. Therefore, the couple lives in a car with a monthly social allowance of 780euros.

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