The Clydesdales Are Back! See Budweiser’s 2019 Super Bowl Ad Before Game Day


Budweiser recently released its 2019 Super Bowl ad, it features the famous Clydesdales, the iconic Budweiser Dalmatian (“Bud” name) the most amazing item no one expected to see.

The Budweiser brand used to have several commercials, many of which used Clydesdales, which is now considered a classic, almost vital element of their advertising.

Budweiser 2019 Super Bowl Commercial This one-minute video begins with a proud Dalmatian, his ears and mouth fluttering carelessly as the camera angle slowly shifts and refocuses to show the dog riding on an old Budweiser carriage.

Clydesdales, more precisely, pulled by several horses.

The background to this beautiful scene is Dylan’s “Blowin ‘in the Wind”. Here are some of the deeper words in that song that appear in the video.

“How many ways does a person have to go?”
Before you call him a man?

How many seas should a white dove sail?
Before he slept in the sand.

Yes, how many times do the “n” cannons fly?
While they are banned forever.

The answer, my friend, is in the wind
The answer is in the wind. ”

The camera follows the beautiful Clydesdale, but at the same time shows us a wide field that looks like the home of several wind turbines spinning.

Right now we understand the right message in a beautiful scene with the words of a song.

The company clearly states loudly that it now uses renewable energy, and plans to include it in each of their breweries by 2025, a beautiful message for a noble environmental cause.

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