The child wanted help from his sick sister, urged them to lean back and lean on her face


These precious children were left in a horrible, horrible place just because they were sick. Their owner prefers to get lost on their own rather than be treated.

They are so young they can do nothing for themselves. They were also thrown into an agricultural water pipe, which has no way out, ilovemydogsomuch writes.

Each time the children heard voices approaching, they thought their master was coming back for them.

They were excited, everyone was excited, and then they were disappointed again and again. What a horrible way of life!

The only thing that helped was to have each other. They would comfort each other by hugging and kissing.

Finally, someone heard about the cubs. A very good man wanted to help them. This is a very poor area, he had very little money, but he came, climbed over the wall, and brought them food and water.

Then he called a rescue team. He could not afford to take them to the vet.

The rescuers arrived with a great desire to help.

They got up and ran to the cubs. They were so sad to see how young they were and how sick they became. They take one puppy, but then the other child runs away. He stops, then looks back at the rescuers, as if he wants them to follow him.

The little cub takes the rescuers to the other sister. He who did not succeed. He died of starvation and cold. Even though he is gone, the surviving sister is still trying to wake him up with her little paws.

He shrugs at his sister and puts his face to hers. It is very emotional to see. They must remove the puppy to save him and his other brother. They are sad that it is too late for the third child.

Now is the time to bring them to a warm medical centre and get the help they need. First, they are screened for diseases.

Scratches on the skin indicate that they have Demodex plague. Fortunately, this is treatable. The veterinarian says that leaving them is especially cruel, as it is a curable disease. Why not do the right thing – bring them to a shelter? We will never understand!

After a few months of treatment and living in a foster home, the cubs are healthy and happy. They were adopted by a loving family who kept their sisters and sisters together. After everything they went through together, no one wanted to separate them.

We are terrified of their abandonment, of their cruel master, but we are so thankful that they were saved. Yes, they’re too late for their other sister, but we need to focus on the good.

Two lives were saved they are now flourishing. Watch their story below. And do not forget to spread the word that this kind of abandonment will not be tolerated.

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