The Canadian was riding his bike, when he noticed a little cub and approached to help…


If you also can’t pass by stray animals indifferently, then you will definitely understand this man very well.

But in fact, sometimes they’re not at all what we can imagine.

Once when Matthew was riding his bike towards the mountains, he saw something fluffy that immediately caught his attention.

When he looked closer, he realized it was a small cub, so he stopped to help the baby.

But Matthew couldn’t even imagine that the sweet cub was actually a lynx, and if his mother was around, things could have ended very badly.

Realizing it, Matthew decided to leave him in the forest, but after that he continued to think about the little creature every minute .

So the next day he went to the forest again and it turned out that the lynx was in the same place.

That time she was crying and no one was around.

Therefore, he took the baby home.

Contacting the zoo, he was told how to care for the cub until professional help arrived.

After a few days the zoo came and took him and will take care of the baby until he grows up and is ready to return to the wild again.

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