The bride’s mom invites 120 homeless people to a banquet feast, after the groom called off the wedding at the last minute,


No matter how big or small a wedding is, careful planning is required to get ready for it. Yes, even if it’s going to be handled by a wedding planner.

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that… Getting ready for a wedding necessitates careful planning, regardless of how big or small the event is.

Indeed, regardless of whether a wedding organizer will deal with it. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that planning a wedding can take months.

Thinking about how much the wedding will cost and spending the rest of your life with someone else can both make you feel uneasy.

People frequently change their minds about getting married for a variety of reasons, probably one of which is that. But is it right to withdraw simply because your mind has changed?

Not even remotely. Regardless of whether you care about a large number of dollars you spent, the harm to your sentiments is sufficiently terrible.

A Sacramento, California, couple got ready for the wedding of their dreams in October 2015. It was unfortunate that the groom called off the wedding at the last minute.

Quinn Duane’s mistreatment of her daughter upset the bride’s mother, Kari Duane.

However, she was concerned about wasting all of the food they had prepared for their 120 guests. “I feel a lot of pain and sadness for her, but I will learn something positive from this,” Kari told KCRA.

Kari decided to host a feast for the homeless in the Citizen Hotel’s banquet hall because they had already paid the down payment for the $35,000 wedding.

The mother of the lady said that it seemed OK to help the people who required it. After all, there are a lot more blessings in life.

She stated, “It seemed obvious that this was something we could do to help” when she learned on Monday that the wedding would not take place.

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