The boy with down Syndrome always got rejected before dance, but what happened next just made everyone cry…


He always dreamed of going to the high school dance, but sadly, everyone kept rejecting him and it broke his heart.

But on the night of the dance, everything changed. Daniel who lives in Arizona has Down syndrome but like other young people his age, has many dreams and and wants to pursue a career as a chef.

But before that, he wanted to participate in his high school activities like all his other friends, but the thought of being rejected, by all the girls, discouraged him.

One of his classmates, Kyle, heard about it and knowing that he was rejected by everyone, she decided to give a surprise to her friend.

The kind girl asked Daniel out on a date at school. It was very unexpected for Daniel and made him so happy.

Daniel’s mother, hearing about Kylie’s act, began to cry and said that words are not enough to express her gratitude.

“Kylie didn’t see a disability when she looked at my son, she saw what only someone with a good heart could see.”

When this story spread on the Internet and everyone knew about Kylie’s kind act, the unexpected surprises for them were only just beginning.

The Surprise Squad is quite popular in the community and decided to make Kylie and Daniel’s special night even more memorable.

As they were touched by this story, they prepared a big surprise for them. They took the students and made their day a real holiday.

They treated them like celebrities who had been taken out to dine at Bistro57 at the Aliante Casino.

The emotional evening will remain forever in their memory, which was full of so many tears, but they were of course tears of joy.

Then they were told that they were taking Kylie and Daniel with their familes to Disneyland.

It was more than shocking, but the surprises didn’t end there. They gave Daniel a $10000 scholarship to fulfill his other long-dreamed goals.

Why not just be kind? Life is so beautiful when you are willing to share a little love with the one who needs it so much.

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