The blue penguin got attached to his rescuers so much, that didn’t want to go back into the ocean


Animal rescue may be considered a thankless job by many and very few are ready to do it wholeheartedly, giving it all their love and dedication.

This penguin you see on your screens was saved by kind people from a plastic net. He was completely entangled and could not get rid of it.

After being successfully rescued, he was taken to a wildlife hospital in Kaikora, New Zealand, where he was treated for a head wound and severe exhaustion.

After some time, he was fully recovered and feeling great, so they decided to release him back into the ocean.

However, it was much harder than they could have imagined.

They thought that this would not cause any problems and the penguin would happily return” home”, but it turned out that he had managed to develop a very special bond with volunteers during this whole time.

When they approached the ocean, the penguin walked a few steps and turned back to the woman who took care of him during that time.

Then he approached the ocean again, but before he reached the waves, he again glanced at her.

He understood that he was seeing her for the last time and was very sad about it.

But when the ocean water touched his feet, he seemed to remember at once that this was where he was supposed to be and where he belonged.

And it seemed as if he said a warm goodbye for the last time and ran to the ocean.

Probably, he also had a family that was eagerly waiting for him. How exciting!

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